This process of healing begins with a 15 minute drumming meditation, known as a shamanic journey.

This rhythmic drumming allows an energy space for raising the state of consciousness, both for me and for the person seeking healing or guidance.

It is a very simple and safe means of getting in touch with your own inner guidance and higher spirit and for receiving guidance from your many spirit guides and helpers.​​​

I have found through experience that by facilitating such a journey for the person to take themselves, at the beginning of the treatment, that the person gained great strength from knowing that they could make contact with divine guidance and intuition, right in the place where they were at.
This guidance can be of a direct or symbolic nature, and a discussion should it be required or desired (by the individual) will follow on its interpretation. Time, pen and paper is provided for the person to make note of their journey, as some information, if not understood at the present time, often becomes clear later on reviewing the notes.

 Healing hands co clare

 An energy treatment follows to clear all stagnant negative energy that is at present stuck in the person’s energy field, causing blockages, not only in one’s energy systems (affecting health) but in one’s life.
However, it is important to remember that both the decision and the following action of actively seeking help, is where the process of healing really begins, and to recognize your own power in this; for it is at that moment that the negative energy will already have begun to loosen its hold.
It is the same decision and action that allows spirit to come to you, to empower you until once again you reclaim your own inner-power.